8/2/22: Specialized Web: Navigating the Post-Roe

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Webinar: Navigating the Post-Roe Landscape: The Impact of the Dobbs Decision on Immigrant Survivors

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court, for the first time ever, rescinded a fundamental right (the long-standing constitutional right to abortion) by overturning Roe v. Wade. Several states with “trigger laws” immediately banned or severely restricted abortion, and many other states have taken steps to do the same. The greatest impact of this decision and its ripple effects has been and will be felt by those in marginalized communities – including Black, Indigenous, & people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, disabled individuals, immigrants, people living in poverty or with few resources, survivors of gender-based violence, and those at the intersections of these various identities. Immigrant survivors face particular challenges, including increased threats and coercion by abusers, CBP checkpoints, and increased criminalization.

This webinar will focus on the existing and emerging landscapes of legality: who is most at risk now, how immigrant survivors and those who help them are impacted, and why exceptions for survivors of rape and incest are not a solution. Attendees will learn what to keep in mind and what resources may be available as they work with immigrant survivors affected by laws curtailing or eliminating access to abortion.

Intended Audience: those who serve immigrant survivors in a professional capacity. Registration is subject to approval.


  • Sara Ainsworth, Senior Legal & Policy Director, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice


  • Lia Ocasio, Staff Attorney, ASISTA Immigration Assistance 

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