7/20/22: Unlawful Presence Bars & the USCIS Policy

Type: 2022 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


Join ASISTA Inadmissibility Webinar Series: Unlawful Presence Bars & the USCIS Policy Change, for a deep-dive discussion into the unlawful presence bars at INA 212(a)(9)(B) and 212(a)(9)(C) as they apply to immigrant survivors.  When a noncitizen has triggered any of the grounds of inadmissibility at INA 212(a), they are ineligible to receive visas or to be admitted to the United States, unless a waiver or exception applies. In this webinar, we will discuss when a noncitizen has triggered the unlawful presence grounds of inadmissibility, what exceptions or waivers may be available, and what impact the newly announced USCIS policy change allowing the 3/10 year bars to be spent in the United States may have in evaluating a noncitizen’s inadmissibility for unlawful presence.


Amy Cheung, Senior Legal Counsel, ASISTA

Lia Ocasio, Staff Attorney, ASISTA

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