2020 Virtual CLE: Introductory Seminar Series I

Type: 2020 Virtual Training Recordings
Price: $500.00


For those of you who missed our online training, "Legal Remedies for Immigrant Survivors: Introductory Seminar Series," the recordings are now available for purchase. The online training is composed of four separate sessions. You can buy all four sessions togheter or individual sessions. 

See below the general agenda of the online training:


Session 1: Assessing Relief: An Overview of Survivor-Based Immigration Protections: 

Immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking and other crimes often face myriad barriers accessing safety and justice. To combat these barriers, the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) created special paths to secure immigration status. In this interactive session, participants will examine these protections, take an in-depth look at their requirements, and assess which options may be best suited for your clients. 

                   Speakers: Cecelia Friedman Levin & Amy Cheung, ASISTA.

Session 2: Mock Client Meeting: Successfully Conducting New Client Intakes
During this session, practitioners will learn best practices for conducting a comprehensive new client intake to screen for immigration relief. Participants will conduct a mock-intake of a client, practicing trauma-informed interviewing while gathering immigration and biographic history and determining its relevance to survivor-based forms of relief.

                   Speakers: Laura Flores Bachman, Cecelia Friedman Levin, & Amy Cheung, ASISTA.


Session 3: Are They Eligible?: Analyzing the Facts and Identifying Red Flags
Utilizing skills from Sessions 1 and 2, participants will assess a hypothetical client’s facts to determine eligibility for survivor-based immigration benefits and whether there are any red flags, including grounds of inadmissibility. Participants will also determine whether any waivers apply and how to apply them. 

                  Speakers: Amy Cheung & Laura Flores Bachman, ASISTA.


Session 4: Finding the Best Evidence to Support a Survivor’s Case
A critical skill in preparing any immigration application is effectively examining documents and other evidence that will best support your client’s case. In this webinar, participants will identify different evidentiary standards used in immigration matters, and what type of evidence U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) considers. Participants will also engage in exercises to help determine what documents may be most relevant to a survivor's case, where to find missing evidence, and what to do when evidence is not available. 

                   Speakers: Cecelia Friedman Levin & Laura Flores Bachman, ASISTA.

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