11/13/19 Hot Topics in U Visas: Overcoming the Lat

Type: 2019 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


In this webinar, Hot Topics in U Visas: Overcoming the Latest barriers to U Status, ASISTA Executive Director Gail Pendleton and ASISTA Senior Legal Counsel Laura Flores Bachman will discuss:

  • How to address ongoing policy/practice changes causing U visa delays and denials, including fee waiver denials, U adjustment denials for acts waived at the U phase, disappearing RFEs and improvidently issued NTAs;
  • Best practices for framing qualifying crimes and inadmissibility waiver arguments; and
  • New strategies for ensuring U applicants are not deported while awaiting USCIS’ decisions on their cases (stays, mandamus and Sanchez-Sosa continuances)

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