Virtual Training: From RFE to Federal Court

Type: 2020 Virtual Training Recordings
Price: $750.00


This Year ASISTA replaced our pre-FBA and AILA conferences with an online training, composed of six separate sessions, run twice. For those of you who missed our online training, "From RFE to Federal Court: Latest Strategies in Defending Survivors During the Time of COVID," the recordings are now available for purchase.  Because we ran the online training twice, you will receive two versions of the training, whether you buy all sessions, or choose individual sessions for purchase. (See session descriptions below)


Session 1: Successfully Responding to RFEs, NOIDs & NOIRs

Speakers and participants will dissect a U visa and a VAWA case containing common problem areas in USCIS adjudication, and provide strategies for responding to requests for evidence, notices of intent to deny, and notices of intent to revoke.

                  Moderator: Laura Flores Bachman, ASISTA

                  Speakers: Esther Limb, Her Justice & Michelle Carey, LACLJ


Session 2: I-290B Motions and Appeals before USCIS

Using T visa and VAWA adjustment denials, this panel will focus on strategies to avoid the issuance of a Notice to Appear by USCIS, including the filing of motions and appeals before USCIS and requesting assistance from liaisons.

      Moderator: Cecelia Friedman Levin, ASISTA

      Speaker: Karen Crawford, Law Office of Karen J. Crawford


Session 3: Detention and Administrative Stays of Removal

In this session, we will discuss when and how to file a request for stay of removal with ICE in light of DHS’s attempts to dismantle the prima facie system. Detention topics will include survivor based arguments for alternatives to detention. We will use real examples to illustrate simple steps that will help you advocate for your survivor clients!

                  Moderator: Amy Cheung, ASISTA

                  Speakers: Andrea Lino, NWIRP & Whitney Drake, American Gateways


Session 4: Outside the Box Lawyering: Changing the World in the Time of COVID-19

Panelists and participants will discuss how to build or improve collaborations of "unusual allies" at the state and local level, your efforts to intersect with anti-racism movements in your community, and best practices in supporting grassroots movements for social change, including serving as legal observers at movement events.

                   Moderator: Gail Pendleton, ASISTA

                   Speakers: Grace Huang, API-GBV (4A) & Sonia Parras, Law Office of Sonia Parras PLLC (4B)


Session 5: Updates on Survivors in Removal Proceedings

Speakers and participants will discuss the latest strategies in representing survivors in proceedings, including continuances under Sanchez-Sosa after Mayen and strategies for getting survivors out of proceedings. We will also discuss the latest approaches to getting survivors back into proceedings (including overcoming reinstatement in front of an IJ) and seeking relief such as VAWA Cancellation of Removal and U visa inadmissibility waivers.

                   Moderator: Laura Flores Bachman, ASISTA

                   Speakers: Brigit G. Alvarez, LAFLA & Gail Pendleton, ASISTA


Session 6: Federal Litigation for Survivors: Yes, You Really Can Do It!

In this session, we will discuss why federal litigation in district court is important and effective in defending immigrant survivors. Panelists and participants will use examples of possible habeas, mandamus and Administrative Procedures Act strategies to release survivors from detention, protect them from removal and challenge wrongful USCIS application of the law. An interactive "practice" session will help you learn nuts and bolts.

                   Moderator: Gail Pendleton, ASISTA

                   Speakers: Matt Adams, NWIRP & Rekha Sharma-Crawford, Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law

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