12/11/19 Hot Topics in U Visas: Stopping Survivor

Type: 2019 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


In this webinar, Hot Topics in U Visas: Stopping Survivor Removals, ASISTA Executive Director Gail Pendleton and ASISTA Impact Litigation Consultant Sejal Zota will discuss skills and strategies for deterring and stopping survivor removals, including:

  • Latest administrative stay strategies
  • Challenges and defenses to NTAs against VAWA, Us and Ts
  • Continuances and other strategies for survivor cases at EOIR and BIA
  • Asking the federal courts to ensure your survivors are not removed while awaiting a USCIS decision on their cases, including mandamus, APA and habeas
  • Overview of other FOIA and litigation efforts ASISTA is helping to coordinate, lead and/or develop.

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