10/12/23 Categorically Speaking: How to Analyze...

Type: 2023 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


Join ASISTA webinar, Categorically Speaking: How to Analyze an Immigrant Survivor’s Criminal Legal System Contacts, for the criminal history walk-through you’ve been waiting for.  We will start with the statutory provisions and Supreme Court precedents that explain when and why a categorical approach is used to examine criminal immigration consequences. From there, we will describe the categorical analysis in depth, incorporating useful examples.  Topics to be covered include the reviewable record of conviction, the modified categorical approach, and the realistic probability test.  We will also impart practical recommendations throughout.  If you have ever hesitated to take on a case for a criminalized survivor, out of fear of the categorical approach, this is the webinar you need to stop fearing and start embracing the exciting, creative arguments that can exist to demonstrate  your client’s continuing eligibility for relief!


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