1/29/19 VAWA Inadmissibility & AOS

Type: 2019 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


Are you encountering problems with local office VAWA adjustments? Do you have self-petitioners eligible to adjust within the next year?

In this webinar, VAWA Inadmissibility & Adjustment Issues, Executive Director, Gail Pendleton and Senior Legal Counsel, Laura Flores Bachman will present an interactive discussion on emerging inadmissibility and other challenges facing VAWA adjustment applicants. This webinar will identify and suggest strategies for handling the latest problems with VAWA adjustments at local offices, including best practices for representing VAWA self-petitioners with inadmissibility issues, overcoming reinstatement, avoiding procedural irregularities, and working with USCIS local field offices.

Please note that this webinar is intermediate/advanced; it assumes knowledge and experience doing applications for VAWA survivors.

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