ALL Sessions June 2023 on U Visa Certifications

Type: June 2023: Training Session Recordings
Price: $500.00


For those of you who missed our June 2023, training, on "U Visa Certification Statutes, Strategies, & Advocacy,the recordings are now available for purchase. The online training is composed of four separate sessions. You can buy all four sessions togheter and save $100 or buy individual sessions. 

See below the general agenda of the online training:


  • Session 1: Before You Request a CertificationThis session will review important questions that advocates should consider prior to making requests for U visa certifications, including questions surrounding who is the victim, who is the certifier, and what are the qualifying crimes. It will also discuss benefits, drawbacks, and risks of making requests during certain stages of a criminal case.

Speakers: Lia Ocasio, Staff Attorney, ASISTA; Sonia Parras Konrad, Law Office of Sonia Parras, PLLC.

  • Session 2: U Visa Certification Statutes: Advocacy and Enforcement StrategiesWhere are they? What are they? How can you use them to the greatest effect? This session will provide an overview of existing U visa certification statutes and how to use them to advance immigrant survivor relief. It will also examine using state litigation to enforce U visa certification statutes. 

Speakers: Daniel McFadden, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Massachusetts; Rebecca Eissenova, Senior Staff Attorney, ASISTA

  • Session 3: Advocating for U Visa Certifications in Different Political EnvironmentsThis session will cover common strategies for advocating for U visa certifications from law enforcement agencies in localities hostile to immigrants and those lacking state certification statutes to compel an LEA response. It will discuss how to navigate various hesitancies and obstacles to certification that LEAs may raise as a matter of internal policy or practice.

Speakers: Nicole Avila, Immigration Attorney, Florida Legal Services; Anna M. Cushman, Staff Attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina, Immigration Pathways for Victims (IMMPAV) (Former Battered Immigrant Project); Lia Ocasio, Staff Attorney, ASISTA.

  • Session 4: Imperfect Fit/Qualifying Crimes

This session will cover how to use a U-certification to best situate your client for success when the arrest report or charging document is not a perfect fit for a qualifying crime. Focusing on felonious assault and domestic violence, we will discuss two main approaches to this element (the mechanical “similar-to” assertion and the fact-based “detected” argument), when to use each, and how best to document them.

Speakers: Rebecca Eissenova, Senior Staff Attorney, ASISTA; Mark Prada, Partner, Prada Urizar Dominguez, PLLC; Vivianna Stubbe, Immigration Lawyer and Founding Partner of Haratz & Stubbe, LLC.


DISCLAIMER: Content is current as of date of recording. It is your responsibility to ensure content is up to date. Written materials accompany the webinar. Please note that you will not receive CLE credit for watching the recording.

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