Session 4: Nonimmigrant Processes: U & T Deriv.

Type: March 2023: Virtual CLE Session Recordings
Price: $150.00


Session Four: Nonimmigrant Processes: U and T Derivatives

Knowing that a family member could become a U or T derivative is only valuable when you also know how they could become a derivative. In this session, we will go over the mechanics of the petition processes in the U.S., for both affirmative applicants and those detained or in removal proceedings. We will also take a tour through nonimmigrant consular processing, from biometrics abroad, to receiving the I-797 approval, to preparing for the interview, overcoming refusals, entering the U.S., and getting an EAD.  On top of the common processes, we will touch on cases where the derivative’s location changes during the pendency of the case, and even where a person cannot qualify as a derivative but may have the option to enter through humanitarian parole.


  • Lia Ocasio, Staff Attorney, ASISTA
  • Carson Osberg, Senior Attorney, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)

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