Session 3: Ethics: When the Needs...

Type: March 2023: Virtual CLE Session Recordings
Price: $150.00


Session 3: Ethics: When the Needs of Principals and Derivatives Conflict

With each additional relative who is eligible for status comes an additional potential client whose interests may conflict with the principal’s.  In this session we will review ethical considerations, from the initial decision of whether to accept dual representation, through facts that arise mid-case or later, that can cause immigration goals to diverge.  Topics will include situations where smuggling inadmissibility may come to light, navigating prolonged processing delays for derivatives, and planning for complexities particular to clients in removal or at risk of removal.


  • Cristina Velez, Legal & Policy Director, ASISTA
  • Craig Dobson, Legal Ethics Advisor to Lawyers

DISCLAIMER: Content is current as of date of recording. It is your responsibility to ensure content is up to date. Written materials accompany the webinar. Please note that you will not receive CLE credit for watching the recording.

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