Session 2: Immigrant Eligibility: VAWA Deriv. & ..

Type: March 2023: Virtual CLE Session Recordings
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Session 2: Immigrant Eligibility: VAWA Derivatives and Family Members of U and T Principals  

Family members of survivors who gain VAWA, U, or T status have unique opportunities to seek immigrant status in the U.S. or abroad. In this session we will explore classic derivative opportunities and age-out/marry-out scenarios, as well as more unusual options like independent immigration of VAWA derivative children over 21 (under INA § 204(a)(1)(D)) and I-929 petitions for family members of U principals who never actually held derivative status. Along the way, we will review waiver needs and qualifications, and discuss employment authorization eligibility as each type of status pends or gets approved.


  • Rebecca Eissenova, Senior Staff Attorney, ASISTA
  • Joy Ziegeweid, Supervising Immigration Attorney, Domestic  Violence Project, Urban Justice Center

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