3/26/19 Inadmissibility Part I

Type: 2019 Webinar Recordings
Price: $100.00


Have you received RFEs or denials for inadmissibility in U or T visas? Do you have a VAWA adjustment coming up at a local office?

This webinar, Inadmissibility Part I: Introduction to Inadmissibility in VAWA, U & T, part of a series, is designed to help you update and strengthen your skills and strategies for overcoming inadmissibility. Join Senior Policy Counsel, Cecelia Friedman Levin and Senior Legal Counsel Laura Flores Bachman for an interactive discussion on: Best practices – the importance of thorough intakes FOIAs, background checks and evaluating results Developing the narrative: Responsibility, Remorse, Rehabilitation, Restitution Finding and addressing inconsistencies The cocktail party explanation: How does it serve the public interest? Managing risk of NTA and/or criminal prosecution How much to admit when seeking a waiver Public benefits applications Tax return filings.

Please note that this webinar is intermediate/advanced; it assumes knowledge and experience doing applications for VAWA survivors.

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