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Friday, September 13, 2019, marks the 25th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), when Congress created the first real protections for immigrant survivors of domestic violence in this country. Since then, hundreds of thousands of immigrant victims have come out of the shadows. Now the Administration is systematically dismantling these protections. Please help us preserve the rights of immigrant survivors under VAWA.

ASISTA's founders helped write the VAWA laws, including the U visa, which helps fill the cracks in immigration law through which survivors often slip. ASISTA is the national go-to resource on VAWA's protections. VAWA and the U visa help stop rapists, stalkers, abusers, and other predators who target the most vulnerable. Equally important, they also allow immigrant survivors to work and live in our communities without fear.

Immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the U.S. are more vulnerable today than at any other point in the past 25 years. Because of our government's policies, survivors have become too terrified to tell anyone they need help as they witness ICE deporting survivors who file VAWA and U visa cases. ICE is even detaining immigrant survivors when they call the police or go to court to seek protection from their abusers.

We cannot allow the VAWA safety net to be decimated. Working at the intersection of immigrants’ rights and women’s rights to live free from domestic and sexual violence, ASISTA pursues straightforward strategies to protect, defend, and uphold VAWA. These include innovative legal arguments, collaborating with grassroots groups, and our signature trainings for lawyers, law enforcement, judges, and domestic and sexual violence advocates.

ASISTA's leaders have been in the trenches since the earliest days of VAWA. Today we launch ASISTA's VAWA25 Campaign to protect the 25-year legacy of VAWA, and fuel our work with immigrant survivors. We need you,  because we know you support both immigrants' and women’s rights, to join the VAWA25 campaign, and back ASISTA now.

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